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Dependable Auto Transport has been in business since 2004, but our experience in trucking and transportation goes back over 20 years.

We are an authorized carrier for these manufacturers:

  • General Motors
  • FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)
  • Volkswagen Group of America
  • Audi-USA
  • BMW - North America
  • Bentley
  • Toyota

We are also a member of Cars Arrive, United Road, and UPS Autogistics.


Carrier or Broker?

When looking for car transport and car shipping companies, there are two different options you can choose to book with: a broker and a carrier. The primary difference is that a brokerage does not own trucks. They search for trucking companies in your area to pick up and deliver your vehicle. A carrier does own trucks and that's what they will dispatch to pick up your vehicle. Which is the better approach?

A company that has its own fleet of carriers offers the customer built-in protections that a broker can't. The best reason is insurance coverage. With a carrier, you can easily find out what kind of coverage your vehicle will have once it is loaded onto a trailer. A lot of brokers don't carry insurance and it can be difficult to discover what kind of coverage the companies they contract with have. Another reason regards the flow of information. If you have questions or concerns during the transport of your vehicle the carrier is your direct source for answers. Most carriers have tracking devices that can pinpoint where your vehicle is at any given moment. A broker does not have that kind of direct access. Answers to questions may not be immediately available and that can add to the stress inherent in moving such an important personal possession.

Overall, a carrier is the safest, and most convenient, way to transport your vehicle. Dependable Auto Transport has a fleet of 19 trucks. In most cases, we can pick up your vehicle quickly, but always at your convenience. Contact us for a quote or any information you need.



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